Friday, December 10, 2010

the waites [holiday 2010]

The Waites were my first clients back in 2008, when I purchased my first DLSR, they allowed me to shoot them in Houston one cool November morning while they were in town for a stage play and to visit some friends. I had no idea what I was doing, and they didn't care. After they got the fotos they have supported me so much by keeping in touch, and always having great things to say about me and my work. After my mover to Dallas, I decided that I was going to do limited holiday sessions due to my new job, and the entire move! I called them up, and asked could we shoot for the holidays, and they were so willing.

It's customers like them, that remind me why I love what I do, they take he most amazing fotos. From the wardrobe, to Nesha's makeup to Marlon's bowtie, they just have the best recipe for true love behind the the lens! I love working with them so much, and I have modeled my business after their relationship. Neither Marlon or Kanesha have brothers so I get to be the little brother they never had, and at the same time it's very rewarding to see and have young professional individuals a little older setting a great example for me, especially in my life now. I am thrilled to share some of the fotos from their session in Dallas, with you all! I hope you all enjoy!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our first time being published in Dallas, Texas!

Dallas is showing Trademark so much love, check out this latest article, where one of our FOTOS was used!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sweet Tooth Alert! Le Gateau in Deep Ellum

So I arrived in Dallas last week. When I was in town back in September, I found this bakery in Deep Ellum on Commerce Street! The other day I met Louise while she was unloading groceries. She invited me to come by and meet her and her husband and have some free pastries! I took them up on it and here are a few of the shots from my visit! Check out then out! Tell them Terrance the fotoguy sent you!

Le Gateau Bakery
3106 Commerce Street
Dallas, Texas 75226

Owners Louise & Brandon

Tuesday Through Friday

Trademark is in the big "D"!

We have recently relocated about 250 miles North to the Dallas, Texas. Dallas has been a place I have always wanted to live. With a rich and unique culture, and bigger than life personality Dallas has the urban appeal I have been seeking for years. We will be redefining urban fotography here! For our clients in Houston and Bryan-College Station we will travel for you, please keep in contact as we will notify you of weekends and days we will be in town! For November we will be running out holiday card promotion in Houston November 12-14th! We are looking forward to our future in Dallas, and keeping the relationships we have built in Houston, and the Nation! Thanks so much for all of your support, you have made the first two years GREAT!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Watson Family Maternity Session

The same day we shot Jennifer Watson's graduate school fotos, she had also booked a maternity session with her husband and son. The fotos came out great if we must say so ourselves! They were naturals, and the colors they chose to wear worked out with the location, and natural lighting! They are expecting Gavan any day now! Thanks again guys!

Jennifer MBA

We have gotten a few rings from clients wanting fotos graduating from The University of Phoenix. Jennifer contacted us in the spring to inquire about having her graduate school fotos taken, and a custom invitation designed. Jennifer's husband Toren designs as well, so we felt we had to put everything we had into a custom design for her special occasion. Jennifer was a joy to work with, and we wish her the best of luck, as she starts this new post graduate school journey.

The REAL Kristi Jackson....

Kristi Jackson is quickly becoming one of Houston's most sought after real estate brokers. I met Kristi back in 2006, she found my first office space for me in the Houston Bar Association building on Main Street in Downtown Houston. Kristi became my friend, and that's how we were able to find me the perfect space. Well since then she has been hard at work laying the foundation for her own successful business. I was delighted and honored when she chose Trademark to shoot her fotos for an updated portfolio, and marketing materials. If you are seriously considering a major move in real estate, I highly recommend Jackson Realty and Investments. Kristi will take great care of you!

Visit her facebook:!/atjacksonrealty?ref=ts

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kennedi's 10th Brithday @ House of Dereon (I AM)

At Trademark we love working with other creative individuals! We were hired last month to shoot fotos at a party for a ten year old. To say her parents (of which her mother is an event planner in the Houston area) pulled out all of the stops would be a huge understatement. Kelly Richardson owns Hello Gorgeous in the Houston suburb of League City. It's a really unique venue for little girls to have their own special birthday party or host a spa event. For her daughter's party she started the event at her business, and surprised her daughter with a party bus ride for she and her friends to the House of Dereon Media Center in Midtown (Home of Music World Entertainment). She and her friends walked down a red carpet to a lavishly decorated party for a princess! Kelly did an awesome job with this event,so keep her and Hello Gorgeous in mind! I have also listed a link to her adult event planning company as well.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Paper Source!

*Note: I am trying some new things with my blog, I will be showcasing things that interest myself and others. It's a way for me to network more, and become a better photographer. I hope you enjoy, and I would love your input! -T.

Okay, so since I was a young boy I have had this obsession with paper. I always loved wrapping paper, construction papers, and almost anything paper related. I always said when I became a big boy had my own house I would have a scrapbooking room just like Candy Spelling. In college I started working in the printing industry, and quickly became a paper specialist. Every major paper house in Houston knows me by name, and I know them. Houston has more than a few stationary, and custom design studios, but they were not very mainstreem, so I always opted to use the larger brands like Papryus in the Galleria or Rice Village. A few years ago I found that Dallas had a lot more to offer when it came to paper and stationary, so I had been just stocking up whenever I visited. Some of my favorites included Paperie in Mockingbird Station and Papercity in Plano (now close), until about 18 months ago my besitie called me to let me know he had went to a new Chicago-based store that opened in my favorite mall in the world Northpark Center.

I planned a trip to Dallas just to check it out, and it was beyond what I could have ever expected. Most of the time the people that work those type of stores are stuck up, but the people were extrememly helpful, and always willing to offer ideas. I feel in love with the Paper Source, it was even on my list of reasons to relocate to Dallas. When it comes to retail Houston has been known to get things after DFW, for it makes sense because Dallas is home to the wealthiest Texans. I read my Houston Architecture Journal, and I found out they were expanding Highland Village, which has been one of my favorite shopping destinations in Houston. I then found out my Sprinkles Cupcakes, and Paper Source would be going in. I cannot tell you how I am exicted to finally have Paper Source in Houston. I had the chance to attend the light opening, and I snapped a few photos, I hope you enjoy, and check them out!!!!!




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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The REAL Kristi Jackson....

About a month ago my client, and friend Kristi contacted me about doing a session. Kristi is one of Houston's hottest real estate brokers, she is launching a new marketing campaign,and I was delighted she decided to include Trademark. She has a wonderful spirit, and she makes you think of ways to turn your dreams into reality! If you are in the market for a new home please check her out!

Here are a few of the shots from her session, full gallery on our facebook!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lori's Experince

I needed this Lori....Lori has by far been one of my vest sessions this year, here is what she sent me about her experience...

"After my session with Terrance, I realized there is a difference between a photographer and an artist. A photographer is someone who takes photographs professionally. An artist is someone who repeatedly and over extended periods of time expresses her or his experience, knowledge, talent, skill or other internal processes to design unique objects, processes or points of view. Terrance, I guess can be summed up as an artistic photographer. Of course my photos were of superior quality and design, but it was the actual session that I absolutely enjoyed. Being that Terrance and I had a rapport before my session, it was a very natural client/professional relationship. What I admired most about our session was the freedom I had during my shoot, although Terrance was not shy about sharing his professional opinion and I would be a fool not to listen! As a client and a friend, Terrance comes highly recommended for all of your pictorial wants, needs, and desires. I will definitely use Trademark Photography for all of my future photography and design needs."


Monday, June 28, 2010

New Logo

I designed a new logo. To me a little more grown up and sophisticated, I wanted to keep it simple and versatile. I am impressed, I am still learning, but I am not looking for it to change for a few months!

I designed a new logo. To me a little more grown up and sophisticated, I wanted to keep it simple and versatile. I am impressed, I am still learning, but I am not looking for it to change for a few months!

Lori Mason......

I appreciate the foundation in my personal and professional like that my Alma matter Prairie View A&M University provided for me. Part of the undying love I have for the institution comes from the relationships I was able to create and maintain over the years. Since I started my own business my fellow panthers have helped me so much with business, tips, kind words, and in return I try to give them timeless memories!

I first met Lori Mason when we both were working on student publications, she has such a unique and wonderful personality. After she saw the work I did with my friend and partner in crime Ms. Lamirica London she hit me up so I could provide her with fotos of for her graduation from graduate school. I am proud of her, and I hope she loves her images as much as I loved working with her!