Friday, December 19, 2008

Marlon & Kanesha

In Webster's thier should be a photo (taken by yours truely) next to these two. One thing I try to stress about my work, and what makes my work a lot easier and better is when feeling is involved. Clients that I know personally, and grown to know tend to have great shoots. Kanesha was one of the first people I met at Prarie View A&M University when I arrived in 2002. She was my first community assistant during summer school, and I discovered we had somethings in common. We both loved Taz, we both were from mid-sized towns in Texas, and she just had a wonderful spirit. After she graduated, and worked on the hill for a little while I found out she was in a relationship, and with some people you can tell it's not anything, but from the first time I saw these two I knew that they had something special, something I had not seen in many people in our generation. I had the pleasure of deisgning thier wedding stationary, and over those months I grew closer with them and thanked them for not killing me, but working with me... Well I got my camera and I knew who the first couple I would shoot would be, it just so happened they were in town for the Tyler Perry show so I shot them in Uptown on cold Saturday morning....












My First Shoot....

For my first shoot after I got my new camera, I wanted to shoot someone that I already knew, and someone I knew loved the camera. One of my old friends from college told me I could shoot him. I chose him because I wanted to showcase natural photography, no special lighting, airbrushing and all that just some natural shooting, the only problem was it was dark outside. Please view a few of the photos and tell me what you think!


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getting the hang of things...

I have been sooooo busy for the past month. I went to New Orleans the day after Thanksgiving for a much needed get a way from Houston, however I ended up getting sick, and that put me out of commission for the first two weeks of December. That was the worst possible time, as I had to cancel and reschedule many appointments due to my illness, but I feel a lot better now. While laying in the bed for so many days I have done so much research on photography, photographers, locations, and all that good stuff so I am carving out my niche...I am trying to keep it as simple as possible. I have also discovered article about natural lighting, so I will keep you posted on that as I develop....I hope you enjoy the blog as I am taking time to make additions and changes....