Saturday, July 24, 2010

Paper Source!

*Note: I am trying some new things with my blog, I will be showcasing things that interest myself and others. It's a way for me to network more, and become a better photographer. I hope you enjoy, and I would love your input! -T.

Okay, so since I was a young boy I have had this obsession with paper. I always loved wrapping paper, construction papers, and almost anything paper related. I always said when I became a big boy had my own house I would have a scrapbooking room just like Candy Spelling. In college I started working in the printing industry, and quickly became a paper specialist. Every major paper house in Houston knows me by name, and I know them. Houston has more than a few stationary, and custom design studios, but they were not very mainstreem, so I always opted to use the larger brands like Papryus in the Galleria or Rice Village. A few years ago I found that Dallas had a lot more to offer when it came to paper and stationary, so I had been just stocking up whenever I visited. Some of my favorites included Paperie in Mockingbird Station and Papercity in Plano (now close), until about 18 months ago my besitie called me to let me know he had went to a new Chicago-based store that opened in my favorite mall in the world Northpark Center.

I planned a trip to Dallas just to check it out, and it was beyond what I could have ever expected. Most of the time the people that work those type of stores are stuck up, but the people were extrememly helpful, and always willing to offer ideas. I feel in love with the Paper Source, it was even on my list of reasons to relocate to Dallas. When it comes to retail Houston has been known to get things after DFW, for it makes sense because Dallas is home to the wealthiest Texans. I read my Houston Architecture Journal, and I found out they were expanding Highland Village, which has been one of my favorite shopping destinations in Houston. I then found out my Sprinkles Cupcakes, and Paper Source would be going in. I cannot tell you how I am exicted to finally have Paper Source in Houston. I had the chance to attend the light opening, and I snapped a few photos, I hope you enjoy, and check them out!!!!!




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