Friday, July 16, 2010

Lori's Experince

I needed this Lori....Lori has by far been one of my vest sessions this year, here is what she sent me about her experience...

"After my session with Terrance, I realized there is a difference between a photographer and an artist. A photographer is someone who takes photographs professionally. An artist is someone who repeatedly and over extended periods of time expresses her or his experience, knowledge, talent, skill or other internal processes to design unique objects, processes or points of view. Terrance, I guess can be summed up as an artistic photographer. Of course my photos were of superior quality and design, but it was the actual session that I absolutely enjoyed. Being that Terrance and I had a rapport before my session, it was a very natural client/professional relationship. What I admired most about our session was the freedom I had during my shoot, although Terrance was not shy about sharing his professional opinion and I would be a fool not to listen! As a client and a friend, Terrance comes highly recommended for all of your pictorial wants, needs, and desires. I will definitely use Trademark Photography for all of my future photography and design needs."


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