Friday, December 19, 2008

Marlon & Kanesha

In Webster's thier should be a photo (taken by yours truely) next to these two. One thing I try to stress about my work, and what makes my work a lot easier and better is when feeling is involved. Clients that I know personally, and grown to know tend to have great shoots. Kanesha was one of the first people I met at Prarie View A&M University when I arrived in 2002. She was my first community assistant during summer school, and I discovered we had somethings in common. We both loved Taz, we both were from mid-sized towns in Texas, and she just had a wonderful spirit. After she graduated, and worked on the hill for a little while I found out she was in a relationship, and with some people you can tell it's not anything, but from the first time I saw these two I knew that they had something special, something I had not seen in many people in our generation. I had the pleasure of deisgning thier wedding stationary, and over those months I grew closer with them and thanked them for not killing me, but working with me... Well I got my camera and I knew who the first couple I would shoot would be, it just so happened they were in town for the Tyler Perry show so I shot them in Uptown on cold Saturday morning....












My First Shoot....

For my first shoot after I got my new camera, I wanted to shoot someone that I already knew, and someone I knew loved the camera. One of my old friends from college told me I could shoot him. I chose him because I wanted to showcase natural photography, no special lighting, airbrushing and all that just some natural shooting, the only problem was it was dark outside. Please view a few of the photos and tell me what you think!


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getting the hang of things...

I have been sooooo busy for the past month. I went to New Orleans the day after Thanksgiving for a much needed get a way from Houston, however I ended up getting sick, and that put me out of commission for the first two weeks of December. That was the worst possible time, as I had to cancel and reschedule many appointments due to my illness, but I feel a lot better now. While laying in the bed for so many days I have done so much research on photography, photographers, locations, and all that good stuff so I am carving out my niche...I am trying to keep it as simple as possible. I have also discovered article about natural lighting, so I will keep you posted on that as I develop....I hope you enjoy the blog as I am taking time to make additions and changes....

Monday, November 10, 2008

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Noahs Arc Party & Fashionista Premier

Welcome to Trademark Fotography...

Greetings, first off let me thank you for hitting up my site. Trademark Fotography is Houston's newest urban fotography agency. Trademark has been years in the making, and promises to offer views that no one has ever seen.

About me:
My name is Terrance O. Gilbert, I am a 23 year old young proud African-American entrepreneur currently calling Houston, TX home. I have loved fotography since my youth when my mom and dad got me a Teenage Ninja Turtle Camera. I have finally stepped up my game as I have gotten my first SLR camera. I am a real cool, and cultured individual, I love arts,  museums. I love events, planning events, spending time with special people in my life, and TAKING FOTOZ.....

How this site will work...

I will post my fav. fotos, to create buzz in the community. If you need fotoz hit me up @ 281-203-7506. I am available for small event fotography, shoot, portfolios....  Please don't HATE or disrespect anyone. Most importantly if you want to use a photo please ask permission, I hate to get UGLY but I will if I see my stuff elsewhere without permission and photo credit..