Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the lamirica london project

i met lamirica london my freshmen year @ pvamu. we clicked and she is just one of those people i knew would be a life long friend from college. lamirica is from dallas, and she has always had a rather unique style. for the past year she has been very supportive of my photography, and she was even willing to drive to houston for foto sessions! about two months ago she hit me up and told me she wants to get into styling and become a professional stylist, so i told her we could do a promo shoot, and i would hook up her marketing. here are a few shots from her shoot in dallas!





Thursday, September 3, 2009

Krimson by Kwame

Being a young entrepreneur I have always been fascinated by other brother that make a name for themselves. While I was in college I watched The Apprentice on NBC, and though I didn't watch the entire season, I was impressed by the brother Kwame. He carried himself professional, but not fake like other brothers. I found out a few months back he was launching a men's neck wear line, and found out he would be in Houston. I took this as a opportunity to network, and shoot photos at a few of his events while he was in town last week!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Rebekah and I first met in high school. I watched her grow up literally, and she has become someone I truly admire because of her faith, and spirit. Rebekah selected me to do her wedding photography. I lost my grandmother as I was on my way to her wedding so I could not shoot the wedding, but I had a great engagement session with them!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mommie & Me......

REAL TALK. One this I cherish the most about being my own boss is the trust others put into you. Even with something as simple as photography trust and support are very important. One thing you must have when running your own business large or small is good ethics, both on the business sense and the personal sense. I met Danielle, when I got my first apartment after moving out on my own, and she has always had a wonderful spirit. Just her smile, and positive attitude has been wonderful. In April she hired me to take photos of her and her son Christopher. It''s funny how things work out, because during her session I had a long discussion with her about professionalism, and providing good customer service. After her session I lost my grandmother, and a lot was going on, but I never forgot about her photos, so once she selected the photos I told her I would have them ordered and sent to her, she even sent me a self addressed envelope to return them in. I mailed them two different times, and I still to this day don't know what happened to her photos between the post office and her home. When I mailed the second set of photos I assumed she got them, it was not until last Sunday I received a e-mail from her stating she had yet to receive the photos, needless to say she was very upset, and when most would have flew off the handle Danielle in her classic professional tone just clearly stated that she was unhappy that she had yet to get her photos. When I read the email I nearly crumbled, because even though I had no control over the lost mail, I should have followed up with her, and ensure everything was taken care of. I sent her a reply and I am in the process of cleaning up the situation, but because of the way she has handled the situation the least I could do is share it for, my friends, and customers are very important to the success of Trademark, and I cherish each and everyone that sends or gives me business. I am still growing and learning, but I do know that the best way to fail in this business is to have unhappy customers, that is not what I strive for, and everything I do I want it to show the passion, and style. Here are a few photos from Danni and Christopher's session!

The Graduate

I should have done them in a different order, but oh well. Once again my friend Steven hired me to design his invitations, and take his senior photos. He opted not to take cap and gown photos, so we had a wonderful time shooting casual and business shots. With Rice University and Discovery Green for the backdrop we had a awesome session!

Steven Currie TAKE III

Steven is a close friend and business associate of mine. We met while we both were students @ Prairie View A&M University, and have always maintained a wonderful friendship. When I decided to peruse fotography I hit him up to see if he would let me shoot some shots, and he agreed. After the initial session, he hired me for his senior photos and graduation announcements, so I threw in a gift session. Here are a few of his shots I selected. Look out for him, he and I are now fotography partners so we will be taking Houston by storm especially since we both will have new mortgages soon...

Dirty Thirty!

I met Abbie, when I was freshman at PVAMU in 2002. She was fresh out of undergrad doing her thing as a academic advisor. She reminds me a lot of my own older sister, she keeps it real, and most importantly she supports me, and wants me to be happy in life. I was sad I missed her wedding last year due to Hurricane Ike, but she called me and asked is I could come by and snap some photos of her husband's thirtieth birthday party at their home. Well Abbie is one of a kind and she is larger than life in her small frame. She does everything in a big way yet it's simple. She literally turned their home into a casino that would rival some casinos on the Vegas Strip. The true highlight were the stripper-waitresses she let him select to be waitresses, and trust she got her moneys' worth! Check out the photos!

Father's Day

With fotography you never know what will come your way. Back in April I was contacted by my personal cake lady Cynthia about taking photos at her sister' fiance's memorial service. Until then I had a strong no camera policy for memorial services, but after a conversation with a friend I decided if someone thought enough of my work to ask me to photograph something as special as a home going service I would do so. At the service I met Andrea, and while shooting the photos I found out she had a young son, who had just lost his father, so I told her I would be there for her to help in an way possible. I figured that father's day would particularly be difficult so great mind think a like we decided to do a shoot to take her mind off things, and give her son some great shots. Tristan was a bit shy at first, but once he warmed up to the camera we were able to get some great shots. He has a wonderful spirit, and I loved every moment of his shoot, and speaking with Andrea, she is now someone I consider a close friend and client, and I am happy to be her personal fotographer to capture those special moments!