Monday, June 28, 2010

We're back!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I am ashamed to say, but this is actually my first entry since 2009. I spent the end of 2009 dealing with the loss of my maternal grand mother, and other unexpected things. With all I dealt with it gave me a lot of rest and restructuring time to focus on making Trademark Fotography into the type of business I have wanted it to be for some time. I have changed business practices, I am still flirting with many ideas and options, I will be updating the blog all week with work from the first half of 2010, and I am excited to have a long list of clients. I want my blog to take you on a more personal level with both myself, and my clients. I am also in the final design stages of my new website, so make sure you follow me on twitter @trademarkfotos and "like" me on facebook, as I update daily! I love you all thanks for your support and continued prayers, I am forever great....Now enough of all that check out some of my work!!!! #watchmewurk!

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