Friday, August 21, 2009

Father's Day

With fotography you never know what will come your way. Back in April I was contacted by my personal cake lady Cynthia about taking photos at her sister' fiance's memorial service. Until then I had a strong no camera policy for memorial services, but after a conversation with a friend I decided if someone thought enough of my work to ask me to photograph something as special as a home going service I would do so. At the service I met Andrea, and while shooting the photos I found out she had a young son, who had just lost his father, so I told her I would be there for her to help in an way possible. I figured that father's day would particularly be difficult so great mind think a like we decided to do a shoot to take her mind off things, and give her son some great shots. Tristan was a bit shy at first, but once he warmed up to the camera we were able to get some great shots. He has a wonderful spirit, and I loved every moment of his shoot, and speaking with Andrea, she is now someone I consider a close friend and client, and I am happy to be her personal fotographer to capture those special moments!

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